4th Meeting




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“The world of Bellman – Stockholm in the late seventeenth century”,

“Bellman, with his “Fredmans epistles” was sex, drugs and rock n’ roll in the seventeenth century. He created a world with rough characters, taken from the actual streets scene of Stockholm at the time, but transformed into heroes, nymphs, vestals or Biblical or mythical persons. Every whore house was a Fröja (the Norse version of Aphrodite) temple and every bar a Bacchae temple where the musician was the high priest.

He himself was not part of his world of glorified ragtagy winos. His big break came from a song of tribute to the king, who made him head of the state lottery (an honoree title that gave him a regular income).

Except from drinking songs and parodies of the bible he also wrote dramatic work, religious music, occasional poems and founded a Bacchae order, a parody of the society of orders that was extremely popular among the upper classes at the time.”

The workshop will be a lot of music. Lena and Whokko will help with music studies. They play guitar or mandola and accordion.

We will have everyone sing together to learn the songs then we’ll break it down to lines. It will not be important that the participants are musical.

At the same time I will stage things and work with a few exercises in order to understand the style from an actor’s view. I will also study a bit to lecture some about the times and who Bellman was.

As I said in Växjö: the aim is not as much to make a great show as it is to focus on the workshop.


Saturday 12:

-19.00 + later for those who arrive in the evening/night – Dinner at the Abbaye

Sunday 13:

– 10.00Visit of the City

– 12.00 Lunch at the Abbaye

– 13.30 Pataphonia for +/- 15 p – the others

– 15.00 Pataphonia for +/- 15 p (I booked the Pataphonia workshops)

– 16.30 First Workshop by Micke at the Académie

– 20.00 Dinner at the Salle Sainte-Anne

Monday 14:

– 9.30 Second Workshop at the Académie

– 13.00 Lunch at the Salle Sainte-Anne – baguettes prepared by committee

– 14.00 Third Workshop at the Académie

– 17.30 Dinant Aventure

– 20.00 Dinner at the Abbaye

Tuesday 15:

– 9.30 Fourth Workshop at the Académie

– 13.00 Lunch at the Salle Sainte-Anne – baguettes prepared by committee

– 15.00 Fifth Workshop at the Académie

– 18.00 Official Reception at the Town Hall

– 20.00 Dinner at the Abbaye

Wednesday 16:

– 9.30 Sixth Workshop at the Salle Sainte-Anne

– 13.00 Lunch at the Abbaye

– 15.00 Seventh Workshop at the Salle Sainte-Anne

– 20.00 Public presentation at the Salle Sainte-Anne


Thursday 17:

-Shopping , departures…

23 April, 2014