All learners participating in EurPol meetings filled a specific Grundtvig Evaluation Form. The results of them are being displayed in form of diagrams for every meeting separately.

Link to the Evaluation Statistics

Link to the GRUNDTVIG WORKSHOPS Participant Evaluation Form

Evaluation Results of Rome meeting/ Workshop on Ancient Greek Drama rome1 rome2 rome3 rome4 rome5

Evaluation Results of Amsterdam meeting/ Workshop on Commedia Dell’Arte

amst1 amst2 amst3 amst4 amst5

Evaluation Results of Vaxjo meeting/ Workshop on Transversal Theatre vaxjo1 vaxjo2 vaxjo3 vaxjo4 vaxjo5

Evaluation Results of Dinant meeting/ Workshop on Vulgar Comedy

dinant1 dinant2 dinant3 dinant4 dinant5

Evaluation Results of Thesssaloniki meeting/ Workshop on Historical Plays thess1 thess2 thess3 thess4 thess5